"What can be done today by educators and administrators to nurture positive learning eco-systems? Pick up a copy of Building Powerful Learning Environments for a great read about roles and responsibilities in education and concrete strategies on how to improve learning environments for all students."

- Dr. Carri Schneider, co-author of Smart Parents: Parenting for Powerful Learning and Director of Knowledge Design, Getting Smart

Our children’s experience of learning has changed drastically from the time we were in school. They are not only trying to understand their sense of self in relation to their school and neighborhood but now, because of our digital environment, they must also understand themselves and their relationship to the greater global community. Learning must then be supported by all of the adults involved in every environment in which children play and engage, including their virtual spaces. 

Arina Bokas builds a solid case for a focus on creating true partnerships between schools, families and communities and gives specific ways we can move toward collaboration no matter where our starting point may be. 

“The world is our classroom, and educators need parents as partners. Arina Bokas provides page after page of practical strategies to foster this partnership with families and communities for the benefit of our students. Using the processes outlined in Building Powerful Learning Environments: From Schools to Communities, educators and school leaders can build authentic partnerships in their schools and districts.”

 - Connie Hamilton Ed.S., Independent Educational Consultan and Curriculum Director, Saranac Community Schools, MI
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